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Incredibly stylish and perfectly discreet, our nursing tops are a must-have for every mom’s wardrobe! Designed to give you the most coverage possible, so you can breastfeed with the confidence you deserve.






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Natalie Sepulveda
(Site Review)
Recently had a baby and had purchased another cover that was like a Poncho. It was very hard to use, so I bought this instead. This cover has come in handy. I use it around the house And when I'm out. It gives full coverage for someone like me who is modest.
Susie Ames
(Site Review)
MY granddaughter InLaw, loves it so much and she adores the warmth of the softness. And to her surprise, !!! The personal name. Th
(Site Review)
I love my new Natalie nursing cover. The color is beautiful and it covers only what needs to be covered so its not to long. The peek a boo view is great and adjustable! the wire in it is so lightweight therefore it does not fall and expose your tatas... I LOVE THIS COVER and plan to purchase my friends a few... Way to make breastfeeding fun, fashionable, and modest also thanks for the peek a boo view so my sweet baby can keep eye contact to continue our bond!
(Site Review)
I have been using your breast pads for over a year and they are the best!!! I use nothing else! I wash/dry them constantly, on a normal cycle in an old, aggressive washer/dryer; they are still going strong, have kept their shape, and work perfectly. I wear them in my nursing bra, and even alone inside nursing tops, or regular shirts with camis. =) Couldn't be more pleased. Will be buying these again!
(Site Review)
It was just fine, but the shipping price was ridiculous! A 5x7 envelope that felt empty cost $16.00? Come on, I've been mailing packages for years and it didn't cost that much to send a big box of clothes.
(Site Review)
Was very iffy about getting this cover because the top stayed open, but I actually really like it. I had used a cover with my first child that I had bought from Target .. uddercovers are so much more breathable and comfortable. Very lightweight and the top being open makes things a lot easier as well. Love the print and everything about it. Would recommend to everyone! Love, Love, Love!
(Site Review)
I wanted to thank you for my udder cover!!!! Im really enjoying it, its easier than the blanket! Thank you for getting back to me when I inquired about when you shipped it to me. This weekend my husband was doing some cleaning and he found the package and some other mail he forgot to give me!
(Site Review)
I have received the package this weekend. I have been nothing but pleased with this company and product. I will recommend your company and will continue to shop here.
(Site Review)
I love udder cover's, this is my 3rd order I used one for my second child and now I just ordered this for my baby girl I just had. I love it, the purple isn't the shade of purple I thought it was going to be. But I still love it.

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